We think it is important that reviews paint the best possible picture of our members.

To post a review, customers receive an invitation by e-mail. This e-mail is sent after an order has been completed. These reviews are voluntarily written and shown on the product pages of our website. In addition, the possibility exists for customers of our members to write a review without an invitation.

Furthermore, we take the following measures to ensure the authenticity of reviews:

  1. All reviews are posted, both negative and positive.
  2. We have a system to detect fake reviews. These reviews are removed after checking.
  3. If it is suspected that a review does not belong to a customer, it will be reported by means of a moderation request, after which an investigation follows.



In principle we do not remove reviews, only in case of foul language or when they are demonstrably unjustified. This may be the case, for example, when a competitor or someone who is not a customer writes a review or an angry customer deliberately tells untruths. We only check whether the facts are correct and in other cases give the merchant the opportunity to respond to the review.

We reject a review if:

  1. It contains inappropriate language. This primarily includes swearing and cursing or other expressions that are perceived as offensive, discriminatory, offensive or inappropriate in context.
  2. It contains factual untruths or inaccuracies. In doing so, we may primarily test whether the stated facts are correct. We will not judge feelings, for example a delivery time of 3 days may be experienced as fast by one consumer and slow by another. However, a statement like “the delivery time was much longer than indicated” can be tested by comparing the indicated delivery time with the actual delivery time.
  3. This unnecessarily contains references to competitors.
  4. There is a call not to order from this online shop.
  5. If the reviewer does not cooperate in checking the review. A web shop may indicate that a review is incorrect, in which case the reviewer is contacted to check the authenticity of the review.
  6. If the experience is more than 6 months old. This is because it is important to us that the review gives an up-to-date picture of the online shop’s customer service.
  7. If you have not been a demonstrable customer of the shop in question. It is not our intention to post reviews on behalf of third parties, or reviews that have taken place via third-party websites.
  8. The review is only a reaction to a previous review. The review option is not intended as a response to another or previous review.
  9. The review contains personal data of a third party or data leading to a third party. We are not legally allowed to publish this data.
  10. If the review is about the delivery service of a courier service, matters over which the merchant has no power.
  11. Is otherwise in violation of the law.




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