Perfume lover and YouTuber Ester Belmonte Lapuente (@wonderlandester on Instagram) shares her deep passion for fragrances – especially niche and artistic perfumery. With her photos, videos, and vlogs, she takes her followers into the creative world of perfume to discover (new) perfume pearls together. Sharing her perfume obsession with her community brought her to Esxence.

Image source: Esxence – The Art Perfumery Event

“This year I visited the world-famous perfumery event Esxence in Milan for the first time. There was so much to discover at Esxense and the atmosphere was really exciting! It was an unforgettable experience. Besides the many brands presenting their fragrance collections and new releases, it was also a great place for me to meet fellow perfume lovers, makers, brands, perfumers, distributors…. and wow, it felt so great!”

Esther’s insider tip: do you want to go to Excense next year? Make sure you have enough time. There is so much to discover that my two days of Essence were far from enough, so if you can go longer, you certainly won’t regret it!


“I spotted the Liliana Deschamps stand at a moment when I was feeling a bit saturated, and the cleanliness and white atmosphere of it appealed to me. The perfume I discovered there had a very special meaning to me.

A beautiful woman sitting at the back of the counter, named Liliana Campos, welcomed me with the warmest hug. She’s an Argentinian perfumer based in Grasse and the creator of the brand Liliana Deschamps. We immediately connected. While sharing some words in Spanish, I started discovering her collection and suddenly, the magic was there.

I tried Lily Mon Premier, one of the 4 perfumes she was presenting at the event, and something that never happened to me occurred. The chemicals of that perfume and the stunning composition made me feel completely emotional, and I started crying. This olfactory experience was something that I never felt before and was just magical.

Lily Mon Premier is a floral musky scent with an extremely beautiful iris note that reminds me of some of the women I love or loved the most in my life: my sister, my godmother, and my grandmother. It’s like the most comforting hug with a poetry from the past and a sensibility in its composition that perfectly matches the aura of its creator, Liliana. PERFUMERY in big letters, emotions, and memories. A remarkable fragrance from a remarkable woman that made me remember in that huge event what real perfumery is all about: FEELINGS. Thank you Liliana Deschamps!”


“My second discovery is also related to a woman. I already knew and admired her before Esxence, but I was so looking forward to meeting her in real life and I finally did!

I’m talking about Natalia, founder of the Argentinian niche house Frassaï. This entrepreneurial woman is an example of hard work to me. She created the first female-founded haute perfumery house from Argentina and her brand has a beautiful approach to perfumery. The creations are inspired by South America and while being easy to wear and really enjoyable, they are also unique.

This time, at Esxence, I could try their latest release Victoria, and I completely fell in love. Victoria is inspired by Victoria Ocampo, the quintessential Argentinian woman. She was a writer, editor, translator, and publisher, and above all a modern woman.

The fragrance starts with a juicy and sparkly fruity accord of lychee, but quickly a deeper and more complex dry down comes to play. There is a beautiful and creamy tuberose that gives it a slight tropical feeling, and in contrast to that, a more resinous and oud aspect with an animalic note of castoreum. It’s a fruity floral amber like no other, with a slight dirty touch that makes it super addictive and special. One of the best from this house and to me, one of the best releases of the year! Well done Natalia!”


“Last but not least, I also finally got to know the creators behind a French house that I already knew in person, Plume Impression. In this case the founder is not a woman but a couple, Sabine and Gabriel, and their brand is the result of their love story. A passionate liaison of two complete opposites represented by a soft yet strong feather, the symbol of the brand.

I guess I relate a lot to this house because me and my partner are also opposites, but we will get married this year and I have never been so happy and excited. Opposites can definitely attract and create something unexpected and amazing together.

All the creations of this brand have a romantic side to them, and I really enjoy that. They are elegant and extremely well balanced. One of their latest releases Qué Tal? has not only an awesome Spanish name which basically means “How are you?”, but it’s also a perfect signature scent for me. It’s a really creamy juice that feels like velvet on your skin.

I have always been fascinated by the power of perfume and how it can make you feel a certain texture. This one is a woody gourmand with apricot, sandalwood, and iris, 3 notes that can have this velvety facet. It’s so cozy and enchanting. Elegant but also sensual and really delicious, with a gorgeous bottle! A pleasure to wear and a great one to snuggle with your loved one. Definitely try it with your partner if you can!”


“I could have mentioned so many other brands and perfumes, but I think these 3 perfumes represent some great discoveries for me at Esxence 2022. I am already looking forward to next year’s edition and to share more perfume love with the whole community. I hope to see you there!”


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