With her photos, videos and vlogs, perfume enthusiast and YouTuber Angelina Patchouli (@anguhandschuh on Instagram) takes her followers on an exciting olfactory journey to explore the perfume world and its stories. Her passion for discovering perfume gems and sharing these with perfume lovers all around the world brought her to Esxence.

Image source: Esxence – The Art Perfumery Event

“I was so excited to travel to Milan and visit Esxence! It was like a dream for me, as there were many amazing fragrances, beautiful perfume bottles and new brands. I got the chance to get to know the stories behind the brands and their fragrances, and to meet all the lovely people. To me, Esxence was like diving into a new, magical world of (fragrance) fantasy.”


“One of the brands that really impressed me was the Perfume House of Houbigant Paris. I loved the rich history of the brand and I discovered three scents that are so beautiful that I can’t believe I haven’t found them before! These fragrances truly let me go back in time for some minutes, due to this brands’ wonderful history.

The manager of the Perris Group, a stunning lady with blonde hair, showed me all of the fragrances of Houbigant. She explained to me that the house was founded back in 1775 and that Houbigant was an exquisite perfume house for the Noble of France such as kings, queens, and iconic figures in history like Napoleon and Marie-Antoinette.

The most magical fragrance of all was Mon Boudouir. I fell in love with it – immediately! For me, it felt like the perfumer created a perfume that was exactly what I was searching for my whole life and put it in a gorgeous perfume bottle. This perfume was also the favourite scent of Queen Marie of Romania: she actually wore it until she passed.”


“The Perris Monte Carlo booth looked beautiful with the white, gold, and black perfume bottles. When I was there, the manager showed me some amazing scents that just hit the mark. She took interest in my favourite fragrance notes and also introduced me to some fragrances that truly surprised me.

My followers on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram know that the one scent note I really love is musk. It always has this kind of clean touch but with a very feminine, powdery side. I was shown Musk Extreme, a fragrance that is surprisingly not as extreme as you may think. On the contrary, it is a very romantic and sexy musk perfume that I just LOVE to wear when I’m at home. This fragrance is like a veil that forms a comfortable and warm bubble. It gently hugs your skin.”


“I don’t even know where to start when it comes to the gorgeous brand Tiziana Terenzi. Is it the beauty of the bottles that is attracting everybody’s attention on the aisles of the Esxence or is it the power of every scent that is so prepossessing and beguiling?

My all-time favorite scent of this brand has to be Telea. For me this fragrance smells like PARADISE – a beautiful island, turquoise water, and a well decorated summer cocktail! And honestly, even in winter this scent is heaven on earth.”


“Esxence was an amazing experience I will never forget. I loved it. For perfume lovers it’s THE PLACE TO BE! I would also recommend people who want to start with niche fragrances to pay a visit to this fair. It is a wonderful place where the diversity of thousands of different scents and emotions is shown. Perfume isn’t just perfume – it’s a whole magical world. And that was exactly what Esxence is showing, year after year.”


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