the powerfully scented
metaphor for distance

The global COVID pandemic gave YVRA 1958 a unique idea: a fragrance that, through its power and unprecedented ingredients, causes… yes really, distance! The Dutch brand created the perfume YVRA 1500 L’Essence de Distance. This perfume has something maniacal, extremely distinctive, ‘out of the box’. Literally a fragrance that has no equal and is irresistible, intense, and addictive. 

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Shifting from living closely together to a life where a physical distance had to be maintained – the pandemic has had a major impact on all of us. Even after the pandemic, many people still seem to feel the need for distance. With this in mind, YVRA 1500 L’Essence de Distance was born.

A fragrance with a powerful and unique character, that brings an unexpected twist to tickle the nose. The perfume surprises you with a strong opening of cloves, mint, and even a hint of tar… But don’t be put off by the first spray, because after this first ‘shock’, the warm, smoky, and leathery notes supported by a heavy cedarwood and a fierce patchouli unfold. This sensory experience will make you feel like you’re on an old wooden sailing yacht, smelling a cabin that is opened for the first time after being closed for a year. 


L’Essence de Distance is packed in a sleek white and pink box. When you open the minimalistic and fresh packaging, you are surprised by a… skunk! The skunk, a kind-hearted animal and a living symbol of distance, only gives off its strong scent if you get too close. For keeping people at arm’s length, your bottle of L’Essence de Distance will suffice just fine!



YVRA 1500

EAU DE PARFUM | 100 ML | €135